Peak Performance Coaching

Dan has perfected a holistic optimisation program where you learn to take control of your day, and not let the day take control of you. The tools and hacks you gain through this unique tailored program will help you create a more positive mindset and significantly transform the way you approach your day, and in turn, your life.

Vedic Meditation

This 5000 year-old meditating technique is proven to be one of the most powerful meditation practices in the world, and is famously practiced by Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Oprah, and Russel Brand. Geoff was trained in India and has been practicing and teaching Vedic Meditation for over 10 years. Geoff will teach you how to integrate this ancient, yet simple mantra-based mediation technique into your modern life with a 20-minute twice-a-day practice.


Our mentoring programs are designed for individual growth and are tailored to suit your personal goals. Whether you feel “stuck” at your current stage in life, or have burning ambitions and need direction on how to move forward, Dan and Geoff have tried and tested mentoring programs that will unlock your potential, and reveal clarity around what you are aiming to achieve.

Breakthrough Sessions
Meta Programs + Aspects of Life program

These programs are personalised to suit each individual and involve a re-programming of your beliefs about yourself and others, helping you to understand yourself at a fundamental root level. Once you understand what makes you function at your highest level and recognise the specific events or emotions that have been holding you back, you allow yourself to integrate the lessons from new information to evolve emotionally, mentally and physically.

The Aspects of Life program incorporates a Vedic Astrology session that unlocks the ebbs and flows of your life. Once you have the overview and understanding of the timeline of your life, you will have more clarity in decision making for yourself and your business. These sessions might sound “out-there” but many of the top leaders and CEOs around the world harness this ancient knowledge to guide their professional and personal lives.

Peak Performance Package 
6 or 12 month Program 

Our 6 month or 1 year peak performance plan is designed for people who have a feeling of being “stuck” and not moving forward. You have access to our whole package and we take you through step by step, breaking down your limiting beliefs, while giving you a new perspective and “tool kit” enabling to get from where you are to where you want to be.

-One on one coaching
-Bi-weekly focus & flow
-Weekly team calls

Mindfulness and peak performance coaching package

Our 10-session package is compressive and holistic – focusing on habit change, meditation, breath-work, movement plans and emotional and spiritual development

See below for an example breakdown of the 10 session – $1997


#1 – Holistic Health and Peak Performance Assessment + priming breathwork technique.

#2 – Holistic Assessment Review + Peak Performance daily habit framework.

#3 – Goal setting session + mindfulness review

#4 – Learn to meditate session 1

#5 – Learn to meditate session 2

#6 – Learn to meditate session 3

#7 – Vedic knowledge/laws of nature and integration session 4

#8 – Holistic coaching session

#9 – Vedic Astrology Reading

#10 – Holistic coaching session