Who are we?

We are Geoff and Dan, two dynamic individuals who have come together to design and implement holistic corporate programs for the modern workplace and individuals wanting an “edge”.

With Geoff’s 30-plus years experience in the corporate sector in television, and Dan’s background in the mining and private construction sector, we cover both the blue collar and white collar workers and have a first-hand understanding of their pain points – both as staff and as executives and managers.

After sitting through many repetitive “off-sites” and “training days” which delivered lots of theory, but minimal or no practical techniques to actually implement positive change in our work or lives afterwards, we recognised the need to transform the traditional corporate program into something a lot more actionable.

With Ascending Minds, we create bespoke  programs that share the practical tools, techniques, and hacks that have taken us to the top of our fields, and show you how to actively integrate these into your life and workplace.

We use ancient knowledge and practices from the East with the best scientific studies from the West to help people understand the importance of approaching life in a holistic way.

 In our sessions we will explain how we need to look at our core values in life like relationships, emotions, rest, diet, and movement, and how getting clear around these and understanding these values will allow you to perform at your best in the workplace, while allowing you as an individual to be the best version of yourself.

 It’s about understanding the unconscious choices we make in all elements of life and discovering the more effective choices to make.  It’s not about just one thing, like mental health, or fitness.  It’s about balance in all areas of your life, and once you see how these holistic principles fit together you have a unique understanding of how you can make small changes which have great impact.

 The practices we give you are guaranteed to connect you back to yourself and create more energy to inspire continued growth and personal development, while releasing stress and tension from the body so you leave the session revitalised. 

Our Vision

Ascending Minds aspires to create more evolved work places from the top-down through the delivery and implementation of holistic strategies specifically designed to increase awareness of health, connection and communication.

Our Mission

It is our mission to effectively, seamlessly and efficiently integrate our strategies into medium to large corporations and industries, arming staff and management with the techniques and tools required to positively shift and enhance culture.