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Our Academy programs are designed to help you get started on your holistic health journey & deepen your understanding of the practices. 

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Our mission is to make you a self-sufficient practitioner, while also giving you the opportunity to join our facilitator program and run your own holistic health business


21-Day Sadhana Journey to Self

Are you looking to deepen your practice and take it to the next level?
Our 21-day journey to self program is the perfect way to expand and build on your current practices through integrating specific Breathwork techniques designed to enliven your soul and deliver more alignment and transcendence to your daily life.
This is a great start to your breathwork journey, or a course to deepen your practice


The Art of Flow | 8 week course

Over  8 weeks (16 prActices), we give you the foundational tools and techniques that we have been integrating into our lives over the past 10 years and now use to transform the lives of our clients.
Throughout the program we will be teaching you and giving you the experience of meditation and breathwork designed to enliven your soul, connect you to source and deliver the clarity to live your life through inspired action.


Level 1: Entelechy Facilitator Training

A complete program that trains breathwork and meditation coaches with the use of meditation, mantra, peak performance and the neuroscience behind it, so you can kickstart your journey of transforming people’s lives.
Entelechy is the realisation of the vital principle that guides the development and functioning of an organism or biological system. It is through this principle that one has the ability to realise their true potential.

21-Day Sadhana

– Journey to Self –

 A SADHANA is a devotional practice, which when committed to in combination with intention delivers higher levels of fulfilment, clarity and connection to self.

These simple, yet super powerful guided sessions will provide you with the clarity and awareness to allow your true self to blossom, taking your life to the next level.

3 x Guided Practices to be done over 3 weeks (21 Days).

Art of Flow

– 8 week course –

This course consists of content around Self Worth & Self Love, Understanding Anxiety & Depression, Creating a Vision, making Effective Choices + more.

Each module has 2 x practices that build on each other. The content when combined with the tools and practices of this program is the recipe to start living a life in flow. A life that is whole and full.

Level 1: Facilitator Training

The ENTELECHY FACILITATORS COURSE is the proven step by step process to incorporate Breathwork and Meditation into your coaching program.

Discover the workings of the mind with our Ascending Minds Holistic Health Assessment template. Access to proven word for work meditation scripts and other powerful resources and techniques to elevate your breathwork coaching career to the next level.


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