What others say


“Meditation is so important and Geoff is the right one to introduce you and support you through it. It’s something you have to experience first-hand for yourself with Geoff in the way he teaches it. Developing a meditation practice is important to keep up and it’s worth all the effort to get through those challenging times particularly.”

– Ansuya Singaram

“I have been working with Dan personally on and off over the past 6 years for business and personal mentoring. Throughout that time I have gone through a separation involving my partner and two daughters under 4 years of age. Having the tools and perspectives that Dan had provided me has allowed me to transition through an extremely emotionally challenging time, maintaining my integrity and minimising the negative impact on my two most important people. On a business level I am winning larger jobs and dealing with high end clients. Always good having him in my corner.”

– Nathan | small business owner/operator

“Geoff is an amazing person and teacher! He taught me Vedic meditation over a year ago and it’s had a huge impact on my life. As a father of two young boys I am obviously time poor, which was the main reason I had held off learning. After speaking with Geoff and hearing his story, he taught me the importance of being still, and how it creates time rather than absorbing it. It helps me make sense of my own thoughts and emotions. It gives me the energy for fatherhood, work, friends and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, no sacrifices needed!”

– James Pryde

“Over the past 4 weeks Dan has healed me in more ways than one. I was someone that would wake up to 10 times each night only getting 3 to 5 hours of sleep, physically because of back pain and mentally because of an overactive mind. I also suffered from groin, back and shoulder tightness from sitting at a desk all day. My physical activity was almost nonexistent but my diet was great besides takeaway once a week, and I just couldn’t understand why I wasn’t dropping any fat. 4 weeks later, my back pain has decreased at least 70% which makes sleeping more enjoyable and currently only waking 3-5 times per night (big achievement for me).

I’m understanding my emotions more and have daily habits in place which help me with my thoughts and how I feel towards others. Also because of specific stretches I no longer have intense groin pain when walking and back pain when sitting. I also realise now that no matter how good my diet is, if I’m not sleeping and my hormones are off balance, I was never going to see the results I hoped for. Lastly I had a massive realisation that I was putting so much pressure on myself to be ‘perfect’ that I would sabotage my own progress, this in it self has changed the way I act each day.

Dan looks at the barriers you are facing in a new light, breaks each issue down to its core and works from the bottom up. It’s been an eye opener and I’d highly recommend giving it ago.
I now have an in-depth personalised plan that is simple and straightforward and I’m excited to keep putting it into practice.”

– Sam Ruttley

“Geoff is an excellent teacher of Vedic meditation! His general demeanour and approach towards teaching is so calming that it makes the learning very achievable. Being in a highly stressful job, Geoff’s teaching has given me many benefits in day to day life, as well as giving me time to look inwardly to search for clarity in all things. Thank you Geoff for being not only a great teacher but a mentor too.”

– Michael Pryde

“The experience was so life affirming and guiding. It gave me clarity and insight that has served me with such grace and support. I was in awe at the power of this subtle art, and would highly recommend a session to anyone!”

– Dalia Gencher