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Ascending Minds offers a range of programs, retreats, and support sessions that combine peak performance coaching with ancient meditation and yogic practices. Our holistic approach also focuses on the improvement of health and wellness through the integration of diet, movement, rest and presence. Each experience is designed to equip executives and employees with a set of practical techniques and strategies to improve performance and productivity, reduce stress, develop a more progressive mindset, and inspire intrinsic purpose-driven action.


free strategy session 

Not sure how to start taking your organisation to the next level?
Need some clarity on how our peak performance strategies and mindfulness programs can add value to your culture, profits and costs?
Or are you simply aware of the fact that in order to become or stay a market leader takes progressive thinking and action.
Secure a time for our FREE strategy session to explore how our programs and workshops can increase productivity, workplace harmony, team cohesion and workforce engagement.

Executive Edge Program 

We fully understand the pressures that accompany the modern day high performance executive not only from an external competitive perspective, but also from the internal angle. Maintaining a peak mental state is a must to ensure the required outcomes are met regarding effective team cohesion and communication, managing multiple departments and the personalities within them, whilst nurturing a progressive, creative forward thinking mindset that cultivate an environment where personnel flourish and have the opportunity to be their best self, in turn producing their best work.
Our executive edge programs are tailored to enhance all areas mentioned above, through combining the latest science in peak performance and flow state with ancient techniques in accessing optimal brain states and stress management. We believe culture of any organisation starts at the top and through our executive edge program you become the catalyst to not only reap the benefits, but become the trickle down effect of having the upper echelon of any organisation that sets the standard of self investment towards a greater purpose.

Breath-work and Meditation session

These sessions are designed to give people an experience of what it is like to go from active thinking mind, into some quietness of the mind. During this session we do a small amount talking to let you know where we are going, and then we spend the rest of the time taking you there. The aim of this session is to show people that you can quieten the “monkey mind” and have some moments of stillness, and all that is required is your breath. These are our most popular sessions as an introductory session.

Holistic Team Ascension workshop 
Team / Harmony / Holistic Health

With so many companies transitioning into a new world of 4-day weeks or restructuring so that time spent together is more virtual than actual, it is now more imperative than ever to have a team that is connected and understands how each other works.

Productive workplaces and cohesive teams all have the same core pillars: effective communication, highly engaged staff, a solution-based focus, and holistic harmony on both an individual and organisational level.

In this team-building program, we introduce these core pillars and help your team understand them, identify one another’s triggers, and recognise how moving from being feelings-based to process-based can fundamentally change the team dynamic. This opens up the channels for clarity, enabling clearer and more effective communication.

Ascending Minds specialises in the development, integration and progressive adjustments around the core pillars, showing you how to maximise your energy and recovery.

We also offer a weekly /biweekly  FOCUS & FLOW SESSIONS

2 Day –  Be in Flow urban retreat
1 Day –  immersion offsite retreat

Our Urban Retreats are preferably conducted off-site, but are also available on-site, and can be run as a one or two day full immersion event.

The experience is designed to educate employees with practical examples that can be integrated into their everyday life, creating conscious awareness of the choices they make through food, movement, and mindset.

An Urban Retreat environment allows your team to achieve clarity through the creation of space, enabling their transition into ‘being’ and accessing how to ‘be’/’have’.

These sessions are tailor made to suit each company and include personalised sessions relating to particular areas that need to be discussed, along with an integration of how to:

  • Be dynamic
  • Attain consistent peak performance
  • Dial into process-based progression
  • Manage, utilise and subconsciously reduce stress
  • Access flow state
  • Create and implement a ‘Flow Plan’
  • Live in alignment
  • Realise what you need to BE to achieve
  • Understand and implement specific daily habits and practices tailored to your life and goals
  • Create a holistic action plan around the 5 pillars
  • Accelerate towards your goals through our 7 -Step Goal
  • Attainment Process

Conflict Resolution


We create individualised coaching and support sessions to address and overcome redundancy, role transition, team transition, role maximisation, self-worth and eternal life trauma.


When a team is underperforming, it is usually because people don’t understand how to get the best out of each other. Using our meta-programming analysis with the Aspects of Life program, we unlock each individual’s strengths and present it to the group so that each person realises their own and the team’s potential.

These team-building sessions are very confronting, but the outcomes have seen teams go from strength to strength. We see each team member as individual cogs in a clock; once we understand where we all fit and how each other works, we can all get in sync and reach a flow state together – ultimately becoming a team that runs just like clockwork!

One on one

 Peak Performance Coaching

Dan has perfected a holistic optimisation program where you learn to take control of your day, and not let the day take control of you. The tools and hacks you gain through this unique tailored program will help you create a more positive mindset and significantly transform the way you approach your day, and in turn, your life.

Vedic Meditation

This 5000 year-old meditating technique is proven to be one of the most powerful meditation practices in the world, and is famously practiced by Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Oprah, and Russel Brand. Geoff was trained in India and has been practicing and teaching Vedic Meditation for over 10 years. Geoff will teach you how to integrate this ancient, yet simple mantra-based mediation technique into your modern life with a 20-minute twice-a-day practice.


Our mentoring programs are designed for individual growth and are tailored to suit your personal goals. Whether you feel “stuck” at your current stage in life, or have burning ambitions and need direction on how to move forward, Dan and Geoff have tried and tested mentoring programs that will unlock your potential, and reveal clarity around what you are aiming to achieve.

Breakthrough Sessions
Meta Programs + Aspects of Life program

These programs are personalised to suit each individual and involve a re-programming of your beliefs about yourself and others, helping you to understand yourself at a fundamental root level. Once you understand what makes you function at your highest level and recognise the specific events or emotions that have been holding you back, you allow yourself to integrate the lessons from new information to evolve emotionally, mentally and physically.

The Aspects of Life program incorporates a Vedic Astrology session that unlocks the ebbs and flows of your life. Once you have the overview and understanding of the timeline of your life, you will have more clarity in decision making for yourself and your business. These sessions might sound “out-there” but many of the top leaders and CEOs around the world harness this ancient knowledge to guide their professional and personal lives.

Peak Performance Package 
6 or 12 month Program 

Our 6 month or 1 year peak performance plan is designed for people who have a feeling of being “stuck” and not moving forward. You have access to our whole package and we take you through step by step, breaking down your limiting beliefs, while giving you a new perspective and “tool kit” enabling to get from where you are to where you want to be.

-One on one coaching
-Bi-weekly focus & flow
-Weekly team calls