Himalayan Breathwork Journey @ The Yoga Loft Newcastle – December 3rd

December 3, 2023 9:30 am - 11:00 am The Yoga Loft -   121 King Street NEWCASTLE

The Alchemy of Life Breathwork Event 

Have you been searching for a practice that will transform the way you view your life and allow you to alchemise your body, mind, and soul?

In this practice, The Alchemy of Life, we align you to your core of your being through the transmutation of the elements that allow you to create the life you desire. It is through connecting to and experiencing the divine dance of the 5 elements through the powerful practice of Kryia, breath and meditation that we bring ourselves into balance with the expansive energy of mother nature herself. Throughout the 90min practice we guide you through a range of techniques that are deeply connected to each element, creating the space that allows you to call in your innate potential. Just as the great alchemists have been doing for millennia, we invite you to bring into harmony the elements that make you – YOU, so you can move into the most epic version of yourself.

For thousands of years the knowledge and technologies of Himalayan breathwork, Kriya and Yoga have been handed down and refined to harmonise the body’s innate intelligence, connecting you to a deeper more purposeful life through awareness and healing.

Join us at The Yoga Loft Newcastle as we guide you through a full 90-minute Himalayan breathwork journey that will have you feeling energised, confident and connected. This powerful practice is designed to release your body’s own bliss chemicals giving you a transcendent experience, while detoxifying the body and recalibrating your nervous system.


This process helps you to tap into your unconscious mind and become aware of the stagnant emotions that have been holding you back, resetting the bodies breathing receptors and providing the space to align to your true purpose and give you the clarity to understand what steps to take moving forward.


This practice is for anyone who is looking to explore breathwork and meditation and begin to experience the benefits in their everyday life or for those looking to deepen and expand their current practice through adding more variety, knowledge, and experience.


Wear comfortable clothes

Yoga Mat

Cushion (Bolsters are available in the studio)

Water bottle

This 90-minute journey is a perfect way to connect to yourself and build more confidence in your life.

The Breathwork Journey is at
The Yoga Loft Newcastle
121 King Street 
Tickets  $55
Member $45