It’s an interesting time we live in with so much information available to us, but yet there is no way we can absorb it all and put things into practice for ourselves, so we can sometimes end up on an endless quest for THE way we need to achieve our goals rather than A way to do it.   

What do I mean by this… 

I have been private mentoring people for a few years now where I get paid for it – I feel like it’s something I’ve done my whole life, and I’m not complaining about this, but recently I’ve seen people on a career path, or change of career path, have a plan, are executing, and hit a speed bump….   And instead of continuing on the path, adjusting where they are at and looking at the big picture, and making a few tweaks… They’ve gone and got advice from some person who is going to solve all their problems and then they are off trying to achieve the same goal, but almost just re-doing what they just did in a different way, instead of actually taking the time to maybe just see why the bump was there in the first place, and then keep going.    Seriously this year, I have seen so much of people being derailed by a complete change in direction, based off someone else’s “quick fix” plan – rather than taking the time to, just stop – reset – and look at how you got here, before doing whatever is next..    

It’s no wonder really all you need to do is look at your insta and FB feed, and it’s is full of people trying to give you a way to make it big QUICKLY…    or this is THE way to do it..

You know what – there is no QUICKLY or THE ONLY way…  there’s just consistent work and determination, on what you are trying to achieve and starting with YOURSELF.

I realised that if I was really going to help people, then I needed to partner up with someone with a complementary set of skills to me, with the same drive to just want to see people reach their goals, but with tools that can keep them grounded, on the right track, so when they hit the bump, they don’t go off in search of some “other way” – they just go to some of the tools they have learnt, apply them, and get through the choppy times – it’s really how Ascending Minds was born, and it was a series of synchronistic events (which I will write about some other time) – which led me to Dan.   Our first meeting when we were discussing what we wanted to do in terms of helping others, was near identical, but we had completely different skill sets, and when we started workshopping more and more of how we would do it realised we were onto something.

The reason I am writing this is to say, if you are building a business, or want to change careers, or you have a plan you are  executing and you hit a bit of a block, this isn’t a sign to stop what you are doing, or to completely change direction, it (in most cases) is a simple process of pausing and upskilling yourself with some relevant action,  with a new practice – like meditation, or yoga, or looking at your health, how your mind works, just something that you do for you, give yourself some space and then come back to it. Most times, you will find the solution to your problem was coming, but you were too “busy” to see it.    

So next time you feel like you are on a roll, you hit a wall – don’t go seeking something or someone to fix this – start with yourself first,  get some tools and techniques that are going to help you make the decisions to keep moving forward, sometimes we have to hit the wall to just slow us down a bit to let nature catch up,  that’s a time to do the easiest thing and start with you.. It’s not about finding the solution, it’s about upskilling yourself with enough tools to be able to navigate the situation with more ease and awareness..  

Try this first, before listening to some “quick fix” idea and re-doing what you did in a different way, because you will get the same result.   Start with YOU, and you know what, if the wall you hit requires a complete about face.. then you haven’t lost anything, but gained a whole new set of skills, and also have a “knowing” that this was the right decision for YOU. 

I love this quote from Yoda (Star Wars) –  

“Do or do not. There is no try.”